Conversion of Vehicle : LPG & CNG

Conversion of vehicles driven by Petrol/Octane to LPG

For the conversion of vehicles powered by Petrol/ Octaneto LPG, HST LPG has partnered with the renowned Gasitaly, Italy,and Feroni,Turki and serves as its only distributor. Most of our engineers and technicians receive their training from Malaysian specialists.

The reason you chose HST LPG is:

  • We use the latest and safest technology for the conversion.
  • We have 25 years of experience and are trained engineers.
  • Provide after-sale service.
  • We do conversion with our own imported kits.
  • We sell all types of LPG conversion parts that we import ourselves, thus providing service with 100% guarantees.

The services we provide in LPG conversion by Gasitaly or Feroni kits:

  • 12 months’ replacement guarantee of the kit
  • 5 years’ warranty on the cylinder.
  • Guaranteed originality of parts
  • 12 months’ free services.
  • LPG tuning is free for 12 months.
  • We have EMI facilities.

Conversion of vehicles driven by CNG to LPG

HST LPG is offering a huge discount on CNG exchange to LPG conversion. The CNG exchange price depends on the cylinder's expiration date and condition. HST LPG gives a maximum of 15,000 tk cashback on CNG exchange.